Artists You Should Know – Roses Nail Art by Passion or Kinda

July 21, 2014 in Nail Art, Nails

Hello my beautiful friends. It’s Monday and it’s time for another guest post from the series Nail Artists You Should Know. Today’s guest blogger comes all the way from Russia and it’s the wonderful writer of the blog Passion Or Kinda, Anastasia. I have been following Anastasia for a long time. She commented on my post one day and I decided to check her blog out and I was amazed at her stunning nail art. She is full of ideas and her manis are always neatly done. I also enjoy looking at the clothes she knits and sews herself. So everyone, welcome Anastasia and just look at the beautiful roses nail art she has done! 

Hello dear readers of Paulina’s Passions. I’m a nail art blogger from Russia. My name is Anastasia (or simply Nastya). My journey to nail art began nearly two years ago when I saw Katy’s (Nailed It) designs in a popular Russian social network. After that, it was like a snow slide. I couldn’t believe how many different techniques and patterns girls can recreate on their nails. It was like a miracle to me :)) It’s so strange that using Internet every day I never struck on that. It took me about 2 months to understand that I want to try this myself!!! :)) I started my blog Passionorkinda about a year and a half ago. And seeing such wonderful designs as, for example, Paulina makes keeps inspiring me to go on. Besides nail art I like sewing and knitting, which you can also see in my blog.

Today I want to show you my floral design which I’ve made for Paulina’s blog. If you are a Paulina’s follower (and you are, how can it be wrong?! :))) then you know how incredibly talented she is. So it was kind of a challenge for me to create a design which will look at least distantly suitable for her blog. Moreover it’s my first guest post ever and you should understand how worried I was :) And to give Paulina a pleasure I decided to do roses nail art, which I love to see on nails as much as she does.


For this design I painted two of my nails with white polish, let it dry and then painted everything with acrylic paints. I decided to make ikat pattern for the background to create an Arabian look. I used three shades of blue to make this rhombic scheme looking deep.


After that I prepared white places in that areas of nails where my flowers would’ve been painted so that colors look bright. Then I painted roses starting with the blots of a medium shade and adding curls with darker and lighter shades of the same or the similar color. After all I added leaves and a top coat and it was done!

Thank you all for reading. I hope you liked it. And my great thanks to Paulina who noticed my blog and asked for a guest post! It was a huge pleasure and honour for me!!


Aztec Pastel Nails with Polishers Inc. Pretty Pastels Challenge

July 20, 2014 in Nail Art, Nails

Hello my beautiful friends. Today Polishers Inc. are exploring the wonderful world of pastels. I usually associate pastels with Spring, but heck, I love them too much to hesitate making pastel nails in the Summer! I gotta admit, I have a slight obsession with pastel colors and I usually can’t resist buying more and more.

Just to remind you who the Polishers Inc. are, Malene (Nail Escapades), Mina (Cubbiful), Charlotte (Chakalaquer), Mariah (rijah), Paulina (fall in…nailLove!), Louise (Tips and Top Coat) and Karine (Nailderella).


And here are my Aztec pastel nails! I am not sure if these patterns are truly Aztec, but I am just going to call it like that for the purpose of this post. I started off this look with painting my nails white. I wanted all the pastel colors to show well and a white base is great for that purpose. Then, I gathered my pastel polishes and a sponge and I set to work.


I sponged all the colors, starting from the lightest. I used Maybelline Bleached Neons Sun Flare as my orange, Rimmel Ring A Ring O’ Roses as my pink, Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac as my purple and China Glaze Too Yacht Too Handle as turquoise. I sponged the colors using a normal sponge, the one you would use to wash dishes ;) I chose it over a make up sponge, because it’s less dense and I like the effect of that. All the colors together look a little bit like watercolor.


Once I was all done with the sponging. I put a layer of top coat to smooth out the roughness. Then I took my black acrylic paint and the thinnest nail art brush I have, to make the pretty Aztec patterns. I wasn’t following any specific pattern, just did it from the top of my head :) It took my a while to finish all five fingers, so I was watching some series in the meantime. Anyone else does it, while painting nails? I watched a few episodes of Orphan Black. Not sure what to think of this show. The idea and seems great, but I am a little bit annoyed by the acting of the main character lol.


What do you ladies think of these pastel nails with an Aztec theme? Liking it? Please let me know in the comments below and have a wonderful Sunday!

Don’t forget to check out all the pretty pastel nails by other Polishers.


By the way, the awesome and talented ladies participating in this challenge are Charlotte (Chakalacquer), Louise (Tips and Topcoat), Malene (Nail Escapades), Maria (rijah), Mina (Cubbiful), Tamit (fall in…naiLove!), and Paulina (Paulina’s Passions). I can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with!

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By the way, the awesome and talented ladies participating in this challenge are Charlotte (Chakalacquer), Louise (Tips and Topcoat), Malene (Nail Escapades), Maria (rijah), Mina (Cubbiful), Tamit (fall in…naiLove!), and Paulina (Paulina’s Passions). I can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with!

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Girly Nails with Maybelline Bleached Neons – Coral Heat

July 18, 2014 in Nail Art, Nails

Hello my beautiful friends and happy Friday! It’s so hot today in Germany and I just popped home to write this post very quickly before I melt. Those of you with air conditioning, I envy you! The other day, I got another one of the beautiful Maybelline Bleached Neons called Coral Heat. When I was looking at it in the store, I thought “Nope, I don’t need another pink”, but that was so wrong! I need it and I might even need a backup ;) I made some cute, girly nails with that very bright coral. Let’s take a look.


This cute little flower lace at the top is inspired by the talented Dee known as @deanne29 on Instagram. Not only the lace is inspired by her, but the whole design actually ;) Sometimes, I love making simple and girly nails like these and with a pretty coral like this Maybelline one, you don’t need much more.


I started this look with my base coat and making the white lace. I started doing it with my acrylic paints, but quickly I switched to a normal nail polish, because it wasn’t going so well with the acrylic paints. The white polish I used was Essie Blanc. Once the lace was done, I filled out the spaces near the lace with a small nail art brush and the rest of the nails I painted normally.


You guys, this Maybelline Bleached Neons – Coral Heat has got to be one of my favorite summer polishes! The formula was not the greatest, just like with the Sun Flare. You probably need 3-4 thin coats to get a full opacity. The color compensates the bad formula though ;) At the end I just added small, white polka dots with my dotting tool and a good layer of Seche Vite top coat.


Too added more girlishness to these girly nails, I added a bit of sparkle and put a cute bow on my thumb. The bow comes from the Born Pretty Store and you can find it HERE. I was so excited when I ordered it and I couldn’t wait for the package to come. What I didn’t realize was how big the bow was! I mean it looks a little bit outrages on my small nails and I don’t think it looks cute… The bow itself is super cute though and I wish it was a bit smaller! It’s sparkly and it’s full of gorgeous rhinestones. I might use it for something else, like decorating some cups or a phone case :) Also, for girls with bigger nails, it might work just fine!

Remember, you can use my Born Pretty Store discount code, which is WRL91. You get 10% off on your entire order and they ship for free internationally!


What do you guys think of my summery, girly nails? Do you like this pretty coral? Have you tried any of the Maybelline Bleached Neons? What do you think? Let me know :)

Have a lovely day, Paulina.