Nail Artists You Should Know – Galaxy Nails by Ann Kristin

August 29, 2014 in Nail Art, Nails

Hello my beautiful friends. My guest post series are still continuing, but because of my internet issues I didn’t manage to post on Monday. The good news is, the laptop is fixed and I am able to use it again and post here more regularly! Yay, so happy about that. Today we have a guest from Germany, whose manis are so girly and beautiful. Please welcome Ann-Kristin, who is known as @annkristin0 on Instagram. I found her Instagram account when I was on a search for fellow nail art addicts from Germany. The function “Popular in your country” comes useful sometimes. Most of Ann-Kristin’s nail art is very simple, but done very beautifully and neat. Today however, she made something more complicated and detailed. Are there any fans of galaxy nails out there? You are lucky, because Ann-Kristin made an amazing galaxy nail art. Thank you so much my dear for writing this blog post and making these amazing galaxies! I am so excited to shade them with my readers. Let’s take a look.

Hello guys!

My name is Ann-Kristin and I am today’s guest nail blogger on Paulina’s blog! I am German, 20 years old and study currently International Business Administration in the Netherlands. What a mouthful, huh? In my free time, I like to do nail art, because I find it quiet relaxing and that’s how my addiction to nail polish grew. At the moment, I am one of the “Insta-Bloggers” because I do not really have time for a full-time blog. The mani I want to show you today are galaxy nails with detailed planets. I promise, it is not as complex as it might look, but I won’t lie to you, it takes time and a steady hand.



I’ll break the mani down for you, step by step:

1: Start with a base coat

2: Add 2 coats of black polish (or 1, if it’s already opaque), followed by a glitter polish of your choice. (I used Butter London’s Henley Regatta, a fine blue-green glitter)


3: Grab a make-up sponge and dip one end into white nail polish, then carefully sponge it onto the middle are of your nails, creating a milky way and a base for further colors to add.

4: Now add more colors on the Milky Way; you can really vary the colors here, depending on the look you are going for. I personally like to add purple, navy and periwinkle, but yellow, orange or red is fine as well. Start with the darkest color around the edges of the black and the Milky Way, going lighter as you work your way through. When you are finished and you think your mani has turned out too dark, sponge white in the center. Obviously you can repeat all the steps until you are happy with the base.

5: Now you could draw on some stars using white nail polish and a thin brush.

6: Take a fine glitter polish to add even more “stars”, something like China Glaze Fairy Dust works the best.

7: To make the planets, grab your dotting tool (or any device that will give you a circle) and add dots where you would like the planets to be.

8: After you have decided which planet you would like to paint on your nails, take the colors necessary and simply start paint them on and layer until you’re satisfied. (For the earth I took blue, white and green)

9: Take some pieces of glitter out of a chunky glitter polish, placing them directly on the nail where you feel that some stars are still missing.

10: Finish off with a fast drying topcoat


Well guys, that’s it. There are a lot of optional steps in this galaxy nail art, but I think it’s worth it. It took me all in all around half an hour for each hand. I hope you liked this “How to recreate Tutorial”. If you have still some questions left, feel free to visit me on Instagram and ask them there any time. I try to reply to all of my comments.

Lastly, I’d like to thank Paulina for having me. Thank you dear for giving me the opportunity to post here today!

Floral Nail Art for Nailpolis

August 27, 2014 in Nail Art, Nails

Hello my beautiful friends. I am still having major internet problems. My computer doesn’t seem to connect to the wifi while all the other devices in the house are connected… Really hope I can fix it soon and go back to more regular blogging. My boyfriend was so kind to lend his laptop, so I could type this post for you. Today I want to show you a floral nail art I made for the Nailpolis contest.


Nailpolis just hit one million likes on Facebook and are celebrating with a nail art contest. You can follow me on Nailpolis HERE. My floral nail art is kind of a last minute entry, because the contest is ending in a few hours. Sorry for not letting you know sooner.

I decided to go for something that I truly enjoy making on my nails, flowers! I went with a white base, which is Essie Blanc and really bright, colorful, different kind of flowers. I am not even going to list all the polishes used, because I was just grabbing colors like crazy and making all the different shapes and sizes. I really love the colors and the composition of the flowers. It’s kind of like an organized mess, if you know what I mean. I wanted the flowers to look wild, but at the same time to be in a harmony.
In the middle, with a black acrylic paint, I wrote ‘Nailpolis’. The whole idea of this celebration mani is to congratulate them with a bunch of flowers on this amazing milestone.


So, that would be it for today. I know the post is rather short and I really promise to do better next time. I really hope I will manage to fix my internet and I will get back to you with some more amazing nail art.
And what do you think of this floral nail art? Did you enter the Nailpolis contest? If so, please leave the link to your mani, so I can see your entry. Good luck to all the contestants!
Have a lovely Wednesday and until next time! Paulina Xx

Strawberry Nails – Guest Post at Very Emily

August 25, 2014 in Nail Art, Nails

Hello my beautiful friends. Sorry for not posting last week at all. I have some internet problems at the moment, but I’m trying to resolve them, so hopefully everything will go back to normal from this week. The good news is that I was invited for a guest post at Very Emily and I am really excited to share this mani with you. It was a difficult choice of nail art for this special guest post. I mean, it’s Very Emily we are talking about! I thought of making another floral, but I always seem to make flowers for my guest posts, so I decided to broaden my horizons and I made some cute strawberry nails to celebrate the ending of my favorite season, summer. I love eating juicy strawberries in the summertime and wearing these strawberry nails just made me double happy!

Please check out Emily’s blog for more pictures and details on which polishes I used to create this look.


Thank you so much sweet Emily for this amazing opportunity! I am so freaking happy I could be a guest blogger on your website. You know how much I look up to you and admire your nails.

I really hope you like these strawberry nails! Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below and have a lovely Monday.